Making money with domain names

Making money with domain names

Everyone of us always explore ways to make extra money but the truth is, its not easy to make money online today because of the stiff competition.

Domain names are the identity of any online business and they are very hot commodities in todays world.

Making money by selling domain name is rapidly gaining momentum and resulted in $600 million domain name aftermarket.

In present day context it has become little bit difficult to make money with domain names as early starters have registered almost all the good names in early years and have made tons of money. All the good domain names have been already registered.

People like Rick Schwartz, Mike Mann, Michael Berkens have made millions of dollars by buying cheap domain names and selling them for millions.

Few of the examples of great domain name sales are – was sold for $35.6 Million in 2010 was sold for $17 Million in 2015 was sold for $8,888,888 in 2015

How can you make money with domain name?

Want to start with making money via domain names? Don’t get demotivated, there are still plenty of opportunities. Although all the good names are no longer available and if available, they are out of range for most of the people.

These are few areas where you can start exploring to make money via domain names.

Geo Names 

These categories of names are same as those of specific geographical locations for ex –,, etc
Some of the notable Geo Domain sales of all time are –

1) – $5 Million

2) – $2 Million

3) – $1.5 Million

4) – $800,000

5) – $700,000

6) – $550,000

7) – $510,000

8) – $500,000

9) – $400,000

10) – $370,000

11) –  $360,000

12) – $175,000

13) – $159,000

14) – $157,500

Brandable Domain Name

These are simply catchy phrases which businesses uses and build brand around it. Few of the examples of good Brandable domain names are Flickr, Zynga, Google. Brandable domain names sometime also include phrases like Stumbleupon, BrandBucket, StartupCulture, Fashion Bash etc.
Some of the notable Brandable domain sales are –

1) – $69,995

2) – $69,995

3) – $64,995

4) – $28,000

Generic Business Domain Names

Generic Business Domain Names

There categories of names are one of the best bets when combined with Geographic names. For example Location+ Dentist, Location+Lawyer , Location+Plumber etc. Few of the notable domain sales under this category are –

1) – $17000

2) – $17000

3) – $16222

4) – $10500

5) – $25000

6) – $140,000

7) – $20000

Numerical Domain names

Numerical Domain Names

These are very hot and Booming. These type of domains are mostly popular in China. Numbers have huge relevance in China so these kind of domains are in huge demand in China. Few of the notable sales under this category are –

1) – $1,960,800

2) – $1,820,000

3) – $1,750,000

4) – $2,100,000

5) – $1,000,000

Domain Flipping

Domain Flipping is simply buying domain at lowest price from an auction or someone else and selling it for a higher price.

You can start looking for good deals on domain names from places like Godaddy Auction,,,, Each of these domain auction platform works differently so spend some time on these platforms to know everything about these platforms.

Domain Flipping is not a part time job and requires full dedication else you are going to loose money. So make sure you do proper research before backordering a domain name and participating in auction.

Domain Backordering

This is basically ordering domain names which are pending delete and are about to be released from the registry.  These back ordering service provider charges $10 to $79. Once you place a back order for your domain and no one else place the backorder, you get the domain. But if there are more than one person placing domain backorder, the domain gets into auction and you have to win the auction in order to get the domain name.



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